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ADEQ Public Water Approval

HB2212 Required Language for Pima County Permit, License, and Application Forms


Administrative Review Requirements

Application package shall consist of:

  • PDF of construction plans sealed by an Arizona Registered Professional
  • Application for Approval to Construct Water Projects
  • A letter from the City of Tucson Water Department, Metro Water or Oro Valley Water Utility stating that required storage and 20-psi will be maintained under all conditions of flow pursuant to A.A.C. R18-5-502 and R18-5-503 will suffice in lieu of a hydraulic modeling report. The letter must be based on the results of hydraulic modeling performed by the water utility.

Substantive Review Requirements


  • Applicant  emails application package to, provides FTP link or USB drive
  • If corrections are required, Pima County will follow-up directly with applicant
  • Prior to approval, Pima County will email applicant invoice
  • Upon applicant payment of invoice, Pima County will email applicant approved plans/ADEQ Approval to Construct, and copy municipality
  • If utility is requesting modifications to plans following Pima County approval, applicant is responsible for following up with Pima County regarding changes affecting approved water design
  • Process for unincorporated County may be imbedded in site construction permit
  • Following construction, applicant submits as-built plans, Engineer's Certificate of Completion and the Water Line Test Documentation Sheet to  

Exemption Requests

An existing PWS shall be exempt from the plan review requirements of this Article if the PWS is in compliance or is making satisfactory progress towards compliance under a schedule approved by the Department if the applicable structural revision, addition, extension, or modification:

  • Has a project cost of $12,500 or less; or
  • Is made to a water line that:

    • Is not for a subdivision requiring plat approval by a city, town, or county;
    • Has a project cost of more than $12,500 but less than $50,000; and
    • Has a design that is sealed and signed by a professional engineer registered in Arizona and the construction of which is reviewed for conformance with the design by a professional engineer registered in Arizona.
Projects that meet the exemption request criteria must be submitted to PDEQ for review.  PDEQ will issue and exemption letter that indicates the project is exempt from the plan review.  Please pay the $50.00 fee and provide the following documents to PDEQ for the exemption request review:

  • A letter that indicates the submittal of the project under the exemption request;
  • A brief narrative of the project scope;
  • A PDF of the plans; and
  • The cost estimate for the project. If the cost estimate is from a contractor, the estimate must be provided in the original format with the contractor’s business logo/information on the document. If the cost estimate is provided by an engineer, the estimate must be sealed by a registered P.E.
  • For purposes of determining project costs, project cost is determined by the sum of the following cost categories:

    • Preparation of submittal quality design documents and related application documents for the project proposed for installation;
    • All equipment/components/material delivered to the construction site;
    • All excavation and backfill;
    • All installation of equipment/components/materials; and
    • All tasks associated with pre-operational testing and startup.
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