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    Online Presentations and Quiz


    Each month, Employee Wellness brings you newsletters and news bulletins packed full of pertinent health information and an on-line presentation with quiz to help you learn more about a special health topic. Topics covered in these bulletins include general health, safety, personal finance, exercise, nutrition, and more.

    Who can participate? All Pima County employees
    Delivery: Online
    Duration: 10 -15 minutes each presentation
    5 - 10 minutes each quiz
    How to get started: Click on the month below each icon to access these great resources updated around the first of each month.
    Incentive: Earn Healthy Lifestyle Activity Points (HLAP's) for completing each quiz. A new quiz will be posted by the 5th of the following month.

    Instructions for Fillable Form: The form must be downloaded and saved to your files, then opened in an Adobe software product to be a fully functional fillable form; the fillable form will not work in the internet browser preview mode.





    March 2019
    • Better Safe – What You Need to Know About Traumatic Brain Injuries
    • Day In Day Out – New Technologies In Prosthetics
    • Take Charge – Shedding Light On Shingles
    • To Your Health – The Importance of Social Connections

    March 2019 Presentation

    March 2019 Quiz

    April 2019
    • Better Safe - Breathe Easy: How to Minimize Air Pollutants
    • Day In Day Out - Body Odor: Harmless or a Sign of Something More Serious?
    • Take Charge - The Aches & Pains of Arthritis and What You Can Do About it
    • To Your Health - Complementary Health Approaches for Depression: What You Need to Know

    April 2019 Presentation

    April 2019 Quiz

    May 2019
    • Better Safe - Safe Sleeping for Your Baby: Learn the Risk Factors for SIDS
    • Day In Day Out - Green Spaces for Good Health
    • Take Charge - Germs That Attack the Brain: How to Protect Yourself from Encephalitis & Meningitis
    • To Your Health - The Path to a Healthy Plate

    May 2019 Presentation

    May 2019 Quiz

    June 2019
    • Better Safe - Protecting Yourself & Your Family from Emerging Disease
    • Day In Day Out - The Facts On Fat
    • Take Charge - Feeling Moody? What's Normal vs What's Not
    • To Your Health - Keeping Your Cholesterol In Check

    June 2019 Presentation

    June 2019 Quiz

    •  Better Safe - A Day at the Beach, The Importance of Skin Protection
    • Day In Day Out - Heart Health
    • Take Charge - Living with Arthritis
    • To Your Health - The ABCs of STIs

    July 2019


    •  Better Safe - Back to School, The Importance of Immunizations
    • Day In Day Out - The Opioid Epidemic, Know the Numbers
    • Take Charge - Psoriasis, The Many Types and Painful Symptoms
    • To Your Health - Grab Your Glasses, Does Your Child Need Glasses, Too?

    August 2019


    • Better Safe - Baby Safety Month, Ease Your Mind By Knowing the Basics
    • Day In Day Out - Staying Drug - Free, Battling Addiction
    • Take Charge - Thyroid Disorders, What Is the Thyroid?
    • To Your Health - Calling All Superheroes, Cancers of the Blood and How You Can Help

    September 2019


    • Better Safe - Chiropractors: Aligning Your Spine and The Facts
    • Day In Day Out - Flossing Our Way to Better Health, Dental Hygiene
    • Take Charge - Mental Health, Break the Stigma
    • To Your Health - Liver Disease, How We Can Help Our Liver

    October 2019


    • Better Safe - COPD, Breathe Easy With More Info
    • Day In Day Out - Bladder Health, Know the Signs, Symptoms and Treatment
    • Take Charge - Skin Issues, Top 5 Skin Issues You Are Curious About
    • To Your Health - Alzheimer's Disease, The Clumps & Bundles of Our Mind

    November 2019


    December 2019
    • Better Safe - Overconfident & Underprepared: Reviewing Driver Safety
    • Day In Day Out - Vaccines: Don't Let the Flu Take You Down
    • Take Charge - Prevent the Spread of Infection: Practice Good Hand Hygiene
    • To Your Health - The Common Cold: How to Deal With It

    December 2019 Presentation

    December 2019 Quiz

    • Better Safe - National Birth Defects Prevention Month: Tips & Suggestions
    • Day In Day Out - Cervical Cancer and The Role of HPV
    • Take Charge - Blood Donation: The Power of Saving Lives
    • To Your Health - Sick Cell Anemia: Fighting for Oxygen


     January 2020 Presentation

     January 2020

    February 2020
    • Better Safe - Congenital Heart Defects: The Importance of Blood Flow
    • Day In Day Out - Organ & Tissue Donation: Lifesaving Gifts
    • Take Charge - Eating Disorders: The Correlation with Mental Health
    • To Your Health - Cardiovascular Disease: Coronary Artery Disease

     February 2020


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