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  • MU Special Use Application & Process

    What is a MU (Multiple Use) special use permit?

    The MU zoning designation is an industrial zoning designation that has residential uses.  To reduce impacts of certain commercial uses proposed near residential development, an MU special use permit is required and is subject to an approved development plan.

    What is the process for obtaining an MU special use permit?

    An applicant may apply for an MU special use permit from any of the uses listed in the Pima County Zoning Code, Section 18.37.020 in conjunction with an application for a Site Permit.  Staff will give mailed notice to all property owners within three hundred feet of the proposed site with a 30-day appeal period.  An affected property owner may file a written appeal with the fee from Table 1, items 1 and 31 within the appeal period.  The written appeal must cite the development standards that will not be met within a site permit and shall make the request to the Board of Adjustment to be heard at public hearing. The Board of Adjustment will have the final approval/denial of the requested special use permit.

    If there are no appeals, a MU special use permit will be issued.

    How can I apply for an MU special use permit?

    1. Prepare and provide the following documents for electronic submittal OR  applications may be submitted in person: 
    • Fill out the MU special use application.
    • Provide a Letter of Authorization if you are not the property owner along with disclosure or beneficiaries of a trust if held in trust or disclosure of officers of an LLC, LP, corporation or company.
    • One electronic copy of the Site Plan submitted with the Site Permit or Permit Number.
           2.  Submit the electronic documents to DSDPlanning@pima.gov OR  bring the application package to the 1st
                floor Planning Division.

           3.  Pay the fee in accordance with Table 3 – Building and Zoning Permit fees, items 2 and 34. For electronic
                submittal, a record will be opened and an email containing an invoice with the record number for
                making payment through the online payment portal will be sent to the applicant.

    For information and compliance with Arizona Revised Statutes, see Prohibited Acts by Counties
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