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  • Home Occupation Application & Permit Process

    What is a Home Occupation?

    A Home Occupation is a business use with limitations that is conducted within the home for a full time resident.

    What uses are allowable as a Home Occupation?

    A home occupation is a home office, online sales, etc. that meets the limitations of the zoning code.  A home occupation does not allow auto repair and service, veterinarian services, kennels, pet grooming, mortuary or embalming services, tattoo parlors, or welding services.

    What are the limitations of a Home Occupation?

    • Conducted and only visible from within the home or a maximum of 200-square feet detached building.
    • There is no outside display/storage of items for sale or for the use of the home occupation.
    • One outside employee in addition to the resident of the home occupation is allowed.
    • Up to 25% of the floor area and one-story OR  up to a 200-square feet accessory building may be used for the home occupation.
    • Any proposed improvements or additions to the home shall continue to maintain the residential character of the home.
    • Parking is required to be on-site and may not contain commercial parking features such as wheel stops, parking lanes or striping.
    • One vehicle may be used in conjunction with the home occupation that is 18 feet or less in length and 7 feet or less in height and parked on private property.  If the vehicle displays any advertising or indication of the home occupation product or service, it shall be stored inside a carport or garage or shielded from view from any adjoining properties and street by landscaping, fencing or other suitable material.
    • No overnight accommodations may be provided.
    • The maximum number of clients served in one day (including deliveries) is five and no more than two clients at a time.
    • One, up to 2-square foot sign is allowed with a ground height of 4 feet or less.

    How do I apply for a Home Occupation permit?

    1. Prepare and provide the following documents for electronic submittal OR  applications may be submitted in person:
    2. Submit your electronic documents to DSDPlanning@pima.gov OR  bring your application to the 1st floor Planning Division.
    3. Pay the $152 fee online or in person.  For electronic submittal, a record will be opened and an email containing an invoice with the record number for making payment through the online payment portal will be sent to the applicant.

    Will my application be approved?

    • The application will be approved if it meets the limitations and uses of a home occupation and the permit shall be emailed or sent to the applicant for their records.  The permit is valid for the listed property and does not need to be renewed.
    • Any change of use for the approved home occupation permit requires a new permit.
    • If the permit cannot be approved, the applicant shall be notified in writing as to the reason for denial.
    For information and compliance with Arizona Revised Statutes, see Prohibited Acts by Counties

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