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  • Rezoning Application and Submittal Guidelines

    There are three types of rezoning requests and are categorized by:

    A Site Analysis Rezoning

    • Greater than one acre in size to be developed for nonresidential uses
    • Greater than one acre in size to be developed at a residential density of four or more residences per acre
    • Greater than five acres in size
    • Greater than one acre in size to be developed as a mixed use residential/nonresidential project
        Exception: Residential rezonings up to six acres shall not require a site analysis if the parcel 
        to be divided into no more than five parcels with not more than one residence on each 
        parcel except when rezoning to SH (Suburban Homestead) for no more than two residences
        per acre.

    A Non-Site Analysis Rezoning

    Rezoning to a Specific Plan

    • A specific plan contains a site analysis.
    • A specific plan contains unique development and design standards specific to a rezoning site on larger parcels with phased development.  Specific plans are represented on the Comprehensive Plan maps as "Planned Development Communities."

    Pre-Rezoning Meeting

    Attendance to a Pre-Rezoning meeting is a pre-requisite to rezoning application submittal.  Send your meeting request along with the rezoning request (ie, GR-1 to CB-1), parcel number(s) and proposed site plan, one week prior to the meeting date to DSDPlanning@pima.gov to be scheduled for the Pre-Rezoning meeting  which is held at 201 N. Stone Avenue, 1st floor on the 3rd Wednesday of the month beginning at 9:00 am. 

    Submittal Guidelines

    To electronically submit a rezoning application, complete the application and upload the required documentation.  To submit an application in person to 201 N. Stone Avenue, 1st floor Planning, fill out the printable application and submit the application and attachments in electronic form.

    Rezoning Time Extension

    An approved rezoning is given a 5-year time limit.  If the conditions of the rezoning have not been completed within that time frame, a rezoning time extension may be applied for.


    See our fee schedule for rezoning, specific plan, and rezoning time extension fees.  Please email DSDPlanning@pima.gov with a request for fees.  Please include the parcel number or numbers, acreage of the site, i.e. such as 12.43 acres, and the proposed zoning designation and we will email you the required submittal fee.  For a time extension, please include the rezoning case number.


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