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    Poision Control

    Have questions about Zika virus? If you have recently traveled outside the U.S., or have questions about the virus call our Zika hotline at  1-877-518-4633

    Zika virus is a type of infection that has recently spread to many countries in South and Central America, as well as certain islands in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Only about 1 in 5 people who are infected will get sick. For those who do get sick, the illness is usually mild and lasts up to a week. However, if a pregnant woman is infected it may pose a risk to her baby.

    Cases of travel-related Zika virus cases have been documented in Pima County. Travel related cases occur when a person travels to a Zika affected area outside the U.S. and becomes infected while there. No cases of Zika virus transmitted by local mosquitoes in Pima County or Arizona have been identified.

    The mosquitoes that carry the Zika virus are found in most of the southern U.S., including Pima County. Health Department Vector Control tracks all mosquito species in our area and works closely with our health officials to monitor for disease-carrying mosquitoes. Zika virus can also be spread through sexual contact with a person who is infected with Zika.

    Learn More About the Zika Virus

    What is Zika? 7 min. video

    Dr. Francisco Garcia and others provide a thorough examination of the Zika virus. 30 min. video

    For more information about mosquitoes


    See standing water with mosquito activity in your community?
    Let us know! Call (520) 724-7908

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