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  • Office of Emergency Management

    Domestic preparedness is a reality of the times in which we live. Lessons learned from the past indicate that coordination, communication, community resiliency, command and control are key to effective prevention, preparedness, response and recovery operations. OEM works to prevent the loss of life and reduce property damage due to man-made, technological and natural disasters. We also assist municipalities and local governments with developing plans to ensure the highest level of preparedness.

    MyAlerts.pima.gov  - Mass Notification System 

    Emergency Information When It Matters Most!

    During an emergency, urgent messaging is effective only if it reaches you quickly. Our Everbridge mass notification system can quickly and reliably push emergency messages to many of your electronic devices. Subscribers receive emergency alerts, instructions, and information when it counts.

    Go to MyAlerts.pima.gov  to create a profile and start receiving notifications.

    Disaster Relief Efforts

    Information on Donating to Disaster Relief Efforts

    Pima County Emergency Alerts Website


    The Pima County Office of Emergency Management has launched an Emergency Alerts Website to keep the community informed prior to, and during large-scale emergencies. The website serves as a central source for information on any developing events and also provides preparedness resources and relevant contact information. 

    We provide the following professional emergency management services:
    • Prevention
    • Protection
    • Mitigation
    • Response
    • Recovery activities.
    Are you ready?

    Pima County Emergency Operations Plan

    The Pima County Emergency Operations Plan (PCEOP) establishes a comprehensive county-wide, all-hazards structure to provide for successful and well-organized coordination of Pima County regional emergency management activities. The PCEOP Base Plan 2021 covers the full range of complex and constantly changing requirements in anticipation of, or in response to, threats or other acts of terrorism, major disasters, catastrophic events, and other emergencies that may exhaust impacted county, local or tribal jurisdictions.

    Pima County Community Wildfire Protection Plan

    The Pima County Office of Emergency Management has initiated the development of the Pima County Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) in accordance with requirements of the Healthy Forests Restoration Act of 2003. Visit the Pima County Community Wildfire Protection Plan page to download the plan. Pima County Office of Emergency Management is the local, federally mandated program of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

    Pima County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is an extension of the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (AZDEMA) and the Arizona Department of Homeland Security (AZDOHS) at the county level. 

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    Office of Emergency Management

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    Emergency Alerts


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