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  • Tobacco Prevention and Cessation

    The Pima County Health Department’s Tobacco and Chronic Disease Prevention Program (TCDPP) is in the sixth year of its mission to “Blackout Tobacco.” The Blackout Tobacco campaign aligns with the Great American Smoke Out (GASO) which took place on November 17, 2022, although any day is a good day to quit tobacco. Across the nation, GASO provides a pathway and tools for tobacco users to quit for the day, or for life. We have free resources to help you on your quit journey! 

    For a smoke free you, we're here to help.

    Call us: (520) 724-7904

    Smoking/vaping & COVID-19

    Our partners at ASHLine (Arizona Smokers Helpline) have put together two resources on the dangers of smoking or vaping and COVID-19.

    ASHLine Factsheet
    ASHLine One-pager in English and Spanish  

    You Got This!

    You know you should quit smoking, chewing, or vaping tobacco. We know that it's easier said than done. Pima County Health Department's Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Team is here to help you!

    A growing movement for successfully saying goodbye to tobacco is a strategy where you quit - or re-quit - every Monday.

    Check out the first tab below to learn more.

    The Pima County Health Department is committed to reducing barriers to access health resources and basic needs. The link below will connect you and your family to a wide range of free services from PCHD.

    A smoke free life, one Monday at a time.

    What is Quit & Stay Quit Monday? 

    Fighting a dragon surrounded by smoke. Fight the temptation to smokeMaybe you tried to quit smoking on New Year's or your birthday. Then you relapsed and pledged to quit again... next year. You're not alone.

    Don't worry, many smokers take several attempts before they successfully stay quit. However, if you select a yearly event to start, it may take years for you to quit.

    With the Quit & Stay Quit Monday (QSQM) concept you use Monday as a reset day from the occasional slip. Instead of waiting for the next annual event to quit again, QSQM encourages you to quit again on Monday. This gets you back on track quickly, giving you a better chance of success.

    Get Started:

    Download the QSQM overview. This handout explains more about the concept.

    Download the QSQM Monday Check-in. Use this checklist to track your progress (as well as your struggles) and discover resources that keep you committed to your quit.

    self check in sheet for quit and stay quit mondayAbout the quit and stay quit monday strategy

               Para la versión en español, haga clic aquí:

    Para la versión en español, haga clic aquí

    PCHD Campaigns

    The Pima County Health Department shares tobacco prevention and cessation messages with our community through the following campaigns:

    Blackout Tobacco - designed to coincide with the Great American Smoke Out (GASO), we encourage community members who smoke to give it up for one day - the 3rd Thursday in November - and explore resources for quitting for good!

    REAL DEAL on Vaping - this campaign was created in response to the rapid uptake of e-cigarette use and vaping by teens and youth. Many people are not aware what is in vapes and what those chemicals can do to their health, especially during the teen years.

    STAND Youth Tobacco Coalitions - Prepare, Advocacy, Involvement

    Take a STAND with us! Students Taking a New Direction (STAND) is Arizona’s anti-tobacco youth coalition effort for Arizona teens. These youth coalitions aim to reduce youth tobacco initiation and exposure to secondhand smoke through community involvement, peer education and advocating for environmental changes.

    The youth coalitions partner with adult leaders at their site and work closely in conjunction with them for support towards the coalition's goal. Pima County Health Department mentors and supports STAND coalitions by providing technical guidance, including trainings, equipment, and other support.

    Current STAND youth coalitions are:
    • Anza Trail K - 8 SWAT 
    • Cholla High School Youth Coalition
    • Empire High School SWAT 
    • Tucson Indian Center Youth Coalition
    • Walden Grove High School SWAT 

    STANDIf you would like to learn more about or be a part of a grassroots movement with STAND, please contact us at 520-724-7904 or visit STAND online.

    Arizona Retailer Tobacco Training

    Information and Registration


    Please complete this 2-3 minute survey after any presentation or special activity/event.

    Counter Strike

    When teens have easier access to tobacco, more of them will get addicted. Counter Strike is about teenagers making a difference in their community by working with local law enforcement to identify stores that sell tobacco to minors.

    Since 2002 the Attorney General’s Office has partnered with the Arizona Department of Health Services to develop and maintain the Counter Strike program. Youth volunteers in Pima County, accompanied by special investigators from the Attorney General’s Office, enter tobacco retailers and attempt to purchase tobacco products. If the retailer sells a tobacco product to the volunteer, they may be given a citation for furnishing tobacco to a minor. If the retailer refuses to sell the tobacco product to the volunteer, they are notified of the inspection and congratulated for their vigilance in keeping tobacco away from minors.

    The program’s goal is to reduce youth access to tobacco in retail outlets by systematically monitoring retailer compliance with state laws which prohibit the sale of tobacco products to minors. The program also serves to coordinate and encourage local enforcement with those laws. Over 23,000 retail inspections have been performed since the program’s inception.

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