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  • Solar One Stop

    Solar One Stop

    New Same Day Solar Permitting

    The Solar One Stop is a multi-agency collaborative effort between Pima County Development Services Department and the City of Tucson Planning and Development Services Department, with the assistance of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to streamline the permitting of residential photovoltaic arrays.

    Get Started

    Project Qualifications

    1. Check Project Qualifications a

    • The installation must be located on a Residential property.
    • The installation must be on the roof of a permitted structure that does not contain any unpermitted work. (No Ballasted Systems)
    • The property is NOT located in a special District or an historic neighborhood.
    • The property is NOT located in an Environmentally Sensitive area or Hillside Development Zone.
    • The property is NOT located in a Flood Hazard or Flood Plain area. b

    2. Submit for Automated Review Through SolarAPPSolar APP Logo

    Before applying for your Electrical/Mechanical Permit from Pima County, the components of the system will need to be confirmed. Submit your design to . Click Login or Register to get started. You'll receive information needed to apply for your permit. A $25 processing fee will be collected by the SolarAPP website. c Once completed you'll need to apply for an Electrical / Mechanical Permit.

    Building Permit

    3. Apply for Electrical / Mechanical Building Permit

    Apply for your Electrical/Mechanical permit using our online permit application. Click Create an Application. Remember, prior to submittal you'll need your approved set of documents and your SolarAPP approval number to proceed. d


    4. Schedule Your Inspection

    Remote inspections are required for this permitting process. Prior to scheduling your inspection:
    • Ensure you have required information on hand such as Permit Number, Inspection Type, etc...
    • Check your permit conditions to ensure any holds have been cleared.
    • You have set up your Skype and scheduling accounts and you're reasonably comfortable with the inspection application.
    To schedule your inspection follow these steps.
    1. Browse to the Pima County Remote PV Inspection calendar.
    2. Start by logging in or setting up your account as outlined above.
    3. Select your desired date and time and click the "Book it" button.
    4. You'll be prompted to enter your permit number (i.e.-P21BP#####) and the desired inspection number (i.e.- 2090, 2092, etc...), these can be found on the permit that was Emailed to the contact provided on the permit application.


    a. If your PV installation conflicts with any of the qualification criteria, please submit your application and documents using the standard permitting process.
    b. For properties inside of Flood Hazard Areas, if the system is being installed with a lease agreement the SolarAPP automated review may be used. If the property lies in a Flood Hazard Area and the system will be owned by the property owner, a traditional plan review will be required.
    c. This step does not issue a building permit. Proceed to the next step to apply for your building permit with a list of required inspections.
    d. A permit will be issued upon payment of a $94 permitting fee. This fee will need to be paid prior to scheduling your inspections.

    Other Resources

    Solar Panels

    There are numerous programs, public and private, to help you learn about the benefits of solar. See below for some helpful links.


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    Solar One Stop

    A partnership of Pima County,
    the City of Tucson.


    Pima County
    Development Services
    (520) 724-6490 

    City of Tucson
    Planning and Development
    Services Department
    (520) 791-5550

    201 N. Stone, 1st Floor
    Tucson, AZ 85701