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  • Pima County has history of secure, transparent elections

    Oct 29, 2014 | Read More News
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    secure electionsPima County is committed to the integrity of its elections and has worked diligently to ensure every vote cast is counted. The county has always had secure elections but community concerns about the reliability and transparency of electronic voting systems prompted numerous security changes and updates over the past eight years.

    To maintain the public’s trust, Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry has been diligent about keeping the public and the Board of Supervisors updated on the county’s efforts to keep its elections secure. To demonstrate that diligence, the county has created a new webpage that compiles years of memoranda and correspondence from and to Mr. Huckelberry regarding the county’s elections. 

    In addition, Mr. Huckelberry today has released a memo to the board announcing the new website, and that also summarizes the county’s election integrity efforts the past eight years. 

    “I believe the volume and thoroughness of these reports to the board, all of which were made available to the public, clearly demonstrate our commitment to election transparency,” Mr. Huckelberry wrote in today’s board memo.

    The webpage is www.pima.gov/secureelections.