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  • Pima County to play a more active role with economic development in the region.

    Aug 01, 2014 | Read More News
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    Bringing Jobs to Pima County

    As we can see in the chart above, we continue to emerge from the Great Recession and its subsequent slow recovery. Several years ago, Pima County recognized that it must play a much more active role in economic development in the region. Through numerous roundtable discussions with local business leaders, we came to realize that we needed to become better coordinated. After analysis of best and most successful practices and thorough community vetting, we released our economic development blueprint and white paper available at: Pima County Economic Developoment Plan. The basic principles of our plan have been the creation of the Aerospace and Defense Corridor, cooperation and partnership with local economic assets such as the University of Arizona, protecting and growing our local businesses and investing in transportation infrastructure. read more...