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    The Division of Risk Management works to identify areas of risk and potential liability and develop risk response strategies to mitigate loss and maximize opportunities. Our goal is to promote a culture of risk awareness by involving all County stakeholders in the day-to-day management of risks using a coordinated network of risk identification, careful evaluation and prudent resolution of actual and potential claims. An integral part of this goal is advancing the risk management process and embedding risk ownership into management activities at all levels of the County.

    Description of Services

    The Risk Management Division provides advice on risk-related matters, establishes the County's risk financing and insurance strategy, and assists in the development of programs, policies and best practices to reduce the County's total cost of risk. We work with departments to identify various risks from people, assets, fiscal, and strategic operations; apply appropriate risk management strategies; and enhance awareness of risks. Functions within Risk Management include: insurance, liability, and property programs.

    Program Goals and Objectives

    Our goal is to identify areas of risk and potential liability and develop risk response strategies to mitigate loss and maximize opportunities.

    Objectives using the risk management process: 

    1. Risk Identification: To facilitate a comprehensive and timely incident reporting network and claims tracking system. 

    2. Risk Analysis: To investigate and analyze information which is obtained from risk identification systems, including actual and potential risks for trends or patterns.

    3. Loss Control: To administer all claims and protect the best interests of Pima County Government and its insureds in all aspects of claims management, trial preparation and settlement negotiations. 

    4. Loss Prevention:
    • To develop effective policies, guidelines and system revisions as needed  to help reduce risk of employee injury and liability exposure;
    • To develop policies and procedures to ensure compliance with statutory  and regulatory requirements;
    • To promote and provide ongoing education for all Pima County employees regarding the purpose and goals of the risk management program as well as effective strategies and techniques to reduce risk.

    5. Risk Financing: To administer the insurance and the self-insurance program for Pima County and its insured staff.

    This division's office is located at 97 E. Congress, 3rd floor Tucson, Arizona 85701.  The division's phone number is 520-724-4477. 

    Division Staff

    Staff Member Position
    Maria Luna Risk Manager
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    Finance and Risk Management

    97 E. Congress St.
    Tucson, Arizona 85701

    (520) 724-3126

    Unpaid invoices or payments received, call (520) 724-3126

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