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  • Employee Wellness Programs


    Pima County Employee Wellness provides quality programs and activities to encourage and support healthy, active lifestyles. The Employee Wellness Program emphasizes the importance of education, awareness, self-care, and behavioral change programs to enhance overall well-being.

    Employee Wellness

    For Questions  call HR Wellness at 724-2792 or email wellness@pima.gov

    Employee Benefits

    For Question call HR Benefits at 724-8464 or email: HRBenefits@pima.gov Benefits webpage

    Current Programs and Activities

    Flu Shots - September and October 2019

    Free Flu ShotThe power to stop the flu begins with you! El Rio has partnered with Pima County to offer free on-site flu shots for all Pima County employees, spouses, domestic partners and any dependents 18 years or older covered on the Pima County medical plan. For participants not covered under the County’s medical plan, El Rio will accept most major insurance carriers.

    Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments take priority. Schedule your appointment today! Over 20 County and City locations available for your convenience.

    Schedule an Appointment at a Pima County or City of Tucson location

    Click Here to View the Flu Shot Schedule

    Consent Form - Save time and fill out before your appointment.

    Learn more visit the Flu Shots webpage.

    Trick or Treat Walk October 2019

    Trick or Treak WalkJoin us for this fun, quick walk on October 31, 2019.

    Pick up “Trick or Treat” tickets during the walk - all “Treats” give you a chance to win a prize. Earn an extra “Treat” by dressing festively or donating canned food items for the Community Food Bank. Healthy snacks will be provided by Pima County. Bring your own water bottle to fill at a water station.

    Learn more by visiting the Trick or Treat Walk webpage.

    Healthy Lifestyle Premium Discounts

    Certain health choices may save money on your insurance premiums. By taking simple steps like being tobacco-free, completing the on-line health assessment, completing a preventive exam, or participating in other healthy lifestyle activities you’re making meaningful strides toward improved health. Healthy Lifestyle Premium Discounts Checklist.

    Discount #1: Be Tobacco Free

    To be eligible for Discount #1 you need to certify your tobacco free status during Annual Enrollment. Discounts will be awarded July 1st - June 30th.

    Tobacco free is defined as being tobacco free for at least the past three months. Tobacco use includes cigars, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco, electronic cigarettes or any other tobacco product. You will be asked to certify your tobacco free status once per year during annual enrollment.

  • Tobacco Cessation Support
  • HLPD#1 Tobacco Free FAQs
  • Discount #2: Healthy Lifestyle Activity Points

    To be eligible for Discount #2, you need to earn at least 50 points by participating in a variety of wellness programs, preventive exams/screenings, and/or wellness events throughout the year.

    There are three levels of points in which you can earn your Discount #2. Each category is worth $5 off your bi-weekly medical premiums for a total value of up to $15 per pay period.

    • Level 1 - 50 points: $5 total per pay period
    • Level 2 - 100 points: $10 total per period
    • Level 3 - 150+ points: $15 total per pay period

    To earn points toward this discount, please see the menu of wellness program options available for you to participate in throughout the year, by visiting the Discount #2: Healthy Lifestyle Activity Points webpage.

    Detailed instructions for Reviewing Your Progress Toward Healthy Lifestyle Premium Discounts.

    On-site Programs & Activities

    These programs & activities are  available for all employees to attend, are held at various worksites and are typically available during the lunch break. 

    Fitness Classes

    Fitnes classesFitness classes include Cardio Strength Training, Stretch and Core, Resistance Band Training, Yoga and more. These various activities are taught by instructors from the Wellness Council of Arizona. All employees and levels welcome. Bring water, wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Where applicable, participants are required to assist with moving/re-setting conference room furniture. Activities are not held on County holidays.

    Visit the Fitness Classes webpage to view the schedule.

    Health Tracks Health Coaching

    health coachingMeet one-on-one with a Health Coach from the Wellness Council of Arizona (WELCOAZ) for strategies and assistance in creating a plan to manage a health concern, whether you are looking to lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier, manage stress or lower blood pressure and cholesterol. All appointments are 30 minutes. To schedule an appointment, contact the Wellness Council of Arizona (WELCOAZ) at (520) 293-3369 or make an appointment online at: https://welcoaz.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php

    Visit the Health Tracks Health Coaching webpage to learn more.

    Completing a 4 session Health Track will earn you 60 Healthy Lifestyle Activity Points (HLAPs).

    Mindfulness Meditation

    mindfulness meditationTake advantage of a relaxing mid-day break, reduce stress and learn breathing and mindfulness techniques with volunteer instructors and audio recordings.

    Visit the Mindfulness Meditation webpage to view the schedule.

    Weight Watchers at Work

    Weight Watchers LogoJoin one of the most successful group weight loss programs. The new Beyond the Scale program delivers a holistic and personal approach to weight loss and goes beyond what you weight, so you can eat healthier, move more, live happier and lose weight!

    Visit the Weight Watchers at Work webpage to learn more.


    Walking Programs

    Walking ProgramsThere are countless ways you can get active, but walking has the lowest dropout rate of them all! It’s the simplest positive change you can make to improve your heart health. Research has shown that walking at least 30 minutes a day can help you: 

    There really are so many benefits for such a simple activity!

    Visit the Walking Programs webpage to learn more about the programs available to you.

    Wellness Workshops

    workshopsEmployee Wellness in conjunction with local health and wellness providers are offering a variety of free and informative workshops that focus on nutrition, stress management, fitness, and healthy living.

    For a list of scheduled workshops for the month, please visit the Wellness Workshops webpage. Registration is not required unless otherwise noted. Walk-ins are welcome. Please sign in.

    Earn 10 Healthy Lifestyle Activity Points for attending each workshop.

    Gym Subsidies & Discounts

    Employee Wellness is subsidizing the membership rates at local fitness facilities for all Pima County employees and their family members living in the same household.

    Gym Subsidies & Discounts

    gym membership discountsPima County employees and their family members may take advantage of YMCA gym membership and other local gym discounts.

     Visit the Gym Subsidies and Discounts webpage to learn more.

    Membership rates do not include taxes. Family member who wish to participate must bring proper identification to verify eligibility at time of enrollment. There may be an extra charge for some amenities such as personal training, onsite child care and leagues.

    Wellness Challenges

    These programs are designed for easy participation no matter where you work. Employee Wellness sends you the materials you need and you participate on your own time. There are no special classes to attend. All employees are welcome to participate.

    100 Pushup Challenge

    push up challenge100 pushups may seem like a lot - it can sound a bit daunting. If you're serious about increasing your strength, follow this 6 to 8 week training program and you'll soon be on your way to completing 100 consecutive pushups!

    Visit the 100 Pushup Challenge webpage for more information.

    Complete the Registration Form to get started.

    Earn 20  Healthy Lifestyle Activity Points for completing the challenge.

    200 Lunge Challenge

    Lunge ChallengeIf you're interested in building strength in your quadriceps and glutes, follow this 6 - 8 week training program and you should soon be on your way to completing 200 consecutive lunges! All you need is a solid plan, plenty of discipline and about 30 minutes a week to achieve this goal!

    Visit the 200 Lunge Challenge webpage to learn more.

    Complete the Registration Form to get started.

    Community Volunteering & Participation

    volunteerShow pride in your work and your community by volunteering your time and energy to a helpful cause. You are also encouraged to participate community events. Each 1 hour (up to 4 hours) dedicated to volunteering in an event will be worth 5 Healthy Lifestyle Activity Points (HLAPs). You may also participate in the event for an additional 5 HLAPs. Blood Donations are 5 HLAPs.

    Submit the Community Volunteer/Participation Form to receive HLAPs. For more information and a list of Community Events, visit the Community Events webpage.

    You may earn up to 25 total Healthy Lifestyle Activity Points per reporting year.

    Eat Right For Life Challenge

    Eat Right For LifeThe 5-week program will inspire you to focus on five key pillars of nutrition outlined in the Eat Right For Life book that will transform unhealthy behaviors into healthy habits that will last you a lifetime. You will receive a fun and inspiring copy of the Eat Right For Life book - FREE! that will help you adopt healthy eating habits in five key areas outlined in the book.

    Visit the Eat Right For Life Challenge webpage to learn more.

    Earn 20 Healthy Lifestyle Activity Points by completing this challenge. You may complete the challenge twice per year for credit.

    Eat Smart: Fruit & Veggie Challenge

    Fruit & Veggie ChallengeJoin this fun and motivating 4-week challenge that will help you to EAT SMART by offering simple suggestions to increasing your daily consumption of fruits and vegetables. The Log Sheet will make it easy for you to track your daily servings of fruits and vegetables. You earn 1 point for each serving you track, which can add up quickly.

    Visit the Eat Smart Challenge webpage to learn more.

    Register to begin this challenge any time.

    Earn 15 – 25 Healthy Lifestyle Activity Points based on the total servings you ate each month. You may complete the challenge monthly for credit. 

    Online Presentation & Quiz

    wellness presentation & quizEach month, Employee Wellness brings you newsletters and news bulletins packed full of pertinent health information and an on-line presentation with quiz to help you learn more about a special health topic. Topics covered in these bulletins include general health, safety, personal finance, exercise, nutrition, and more.

    Visit the Online Presentation with Quiz webpage to begin.

    Earn 5 Healthy Lifestyle Activity Points for completing each quiz.

    Seasonal Fitness Challenge

    Seasonal Fitness ChallengeThe Seasonal Fitness Challenge is easy and energizing! The goal of the challenge is simple: to accumulate at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week. 150 minutes is equal to an average of 20 minutes of exercise a day. Physical activity includes anything that requires moderate to active participation and is continuous for at least ten minutes. Each day you are physically active, you will track your total minutes on the Exercise Tracking Logs.

    Learn more by visiting the Seasonal Fitness Challenge webpage.

    Register to begin any time.

    Earn up to 60 Healthy Lifestyle Activity Points each season by submitting your Exercise Tracking Logs.

    Stress Less Blood Pressure Challenge

    bp heartThis challenge will help you learn stress-reduction techniques you can use to help lower your blood pressure throughout the day.

    Over the course of a month, you are asked to track your blood pressure before and after performing a stress-reduction activity on ten separate days using the health kiosk or blood pressure cuff located at your worksite. If you do not have a health kiosk or blood pressure cuff, please contact Employee Wellness.

    Register to begin this challenge.

    Visit the Stress Less Blood Pressure Challenge to learn more.

    Earn 15 Healthy Lifestyle Activity Points when you complete this challenge.

    Health Management Support Programs

    Learn how you can prevent health-related medical conditions and/or manage your current health condition.

    Beginning Right Maternity Program

    Healthy Living Program

    With Aetna’s Beginning Right® Maternity Program, you can get special attention for a healthier pregnancy and baby. This no-cost program can give your baby a healthier start.

    Call us toll-free at 1-800-CRADLE-1 (1-800-272-3531), weekdays from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET. or log in to Aetna Navigator at www.aetna.com , look under "Health Programs" and choose "Maternity Program".

    Learn more by visiting the Beginning Right Maternity Program webpage.

    Diabetes Prevention & Management Support Workshops

    Healthy Living ProgramThese support group workshops help people who are pre-diabetic or diabetic eat healthier, increase their physical activity, and lose weight.

    Learn more by visiting the Diabetes Support Workshops webpage.

    Earn 10 Healthy Lifestyle Activity Points for attending each workshop.

    In Touch Care (Disease Management Program)

    Healthy Living ProgramThe In Touch Care program offers support and guidance for covered individuals and their family members looking to manage costly, chronic conditions, including asthma, diabetes, congestive heart failure, coronary heart disease, end-stage renal disease, depression, hypertension, arthritis, and more. Individuals with multiple conditions can also benefit from the In Touch Care program.

    Learn more by visiting the In Touch Care Program webpage.

    Healthy Living Program

    workshopsSix-week interactive program developed by Stanford University and facilitated by the Pima County Health Department to help participants learn to better manage a chronic condition like diabetes, hypertension, heart & lung disease, chronic pain or mental health conditions, and more.

    Visit the Healthy Living Program webpage to learn more.

    Earn 50 Healthy Lifestyle Activity Points.

    Tobacco Cessation Support Programs

    tobacc-freeResearch supports tobacco cessation interventions to help a person succeed in their attempts to quit tobacco. In general, the longer and more frequent a person receives tobacco counseling, the greater their rate of abstinence. Even higher rates of success have been shown when a tobacco user combines counseling sessions with nicotine replacement therapies or medication.

    Pima County wants to help you succeed, so we’ve put together a list of FREE tobacco cessation counseling programs to make changes in your life to live tobacco free.

    Visit the Tobacco Cessation webpage to learn more.

    Earn a Healthy Lifestyle Premium Discount for being tobacco-free.

    Healthy Lifestyle Coaching (HLC) Tobacco Free Program

    Tobacco CessationThe Healthy Lifestyle Coaching (HLC) Tobacco Free program is for employees and their family members 18 years and older who have Pima County medical insurance. To find out more information about getting started call the Aetna Tobacco Free program at 1-866-213-0153.

    The HLC Tobacco Free program has specialty coaches, flexible appointment times, wellness counselors and nutrition specialists. Coaching is available in 20-minute weekly one-to-one sessions for up to one year and/or six 30 minutes “live-meeting” group sessions within a 12-week period. You can elect to have 8-weeks of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) to support your healthy behavior change. There’s also access to online programs available through Simple Steps to a Healthier Life that include a wealth of educational materials, at-home activities, online workbooks, MP3’s and videos. 

    Please visit our Tobacco Cessation webpage to learn more about the tobacco cessation programs available to you and your family.

    Earn a Healthy Lifestyle Premium Discount if you are tobacco-free for at least the past three months.

    Resources & Events

    Learn more about the resources and events offered to you throughout the year.

    Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    EAPEAP counseling is a no-cost benefit where you may access a counselor for any problem that is affecting your personal and/or professional life. You may see a counselor for up to five sessions per problem. EAP is available to all active Pima County employees. This program also covers your spouse, significant other (living in the home) and children living in the home. 

    Learn more by visiting the EAP webpage.

    Health Kiosks

    higi stationUse the Health Kiosk to quickly and accurately measure your vital statistics to help you better manage your personal health.

    It takes about five to eight minutes to test everything or you can choose which ones you need. There are ports available to track your results, including a glucose meter so you can take the readings to the doctor.

    Visit the Health Kiosk webpage to learn more.

    HealthOn Broadway

    EAPHealthOn Broadway, powered by Tucson Medical Center and El Rio Health, is a convenient healthcare service located downtown. Because it’s within walking distance of most downtown worksites, it’s easy to schedule an appointment before work, during a lunch break or after work.

    Learn more by visiting the HealthOn Broadway webpage.

    Wellness Tips

    Monthly health and wellness tips and information provided by Aetna and CBIZ.

    Learn more by visiting the Wellness Tips webpage.

    Wellness Winners

    The date a participant completes a challenge will determine the season they are entered into a drawing for. Drawings are held four times a year.  Winners names will be posted the month following the drawing.

      Spring Season Summer Season Fall Season Winter Season
    Months: Mar - May Jun - Aug Sep - Nov Dec - Feb
    Drawings held on: June 7th September 7th December 7th March 7th

    2019 - 2020 Wellness Winners (March 2019 - February 2020)


    Health & Well Fair - March 2019

    • Donald Smutny, Clerk of the Superior Court, Shell gift card from AAA
    • Kassandra Juarez, Superior Court, Shell gift card from AAA
    • Diana Anderson, Information Technology, Starbuck's gift card from Renewal by Anderson
    • Janine Stawiski, Finance and Risk Management, Amazon gift card from Vantage West
    • Diane Ward, County Free Library, Amazon gift card from CHWP Expos
    • Christina Tellez, Facilities Management, Starbuck's gift card from AZ Oncology
    • Janet Corley, Health, Visa gift card from Athlon
    • Robert Jacobs, Information Technology, Visa gift card from First Credit Union
    • Rachel Valenzuela, Assessor, Gift certificate from Young Living
    • Cathleen Nordin, Facilities Management, Gift certificate from Tucson Movement Arts
    • Mary Kelso, Finance and Risk Management, Harkins Ultimate VIP card from AFSCME
    • Erica Alloy, County Attorney, Harkins Ultimate VIP card from AFSCME
    • James Rossi, Public Works Administration, Gift Bag from Nationwide Vision
    • Sheri Prochaska, Finance and Risk Management, Cup and T-Shirt from Wellness Council of Arizona
    • Kelly Loomis, Finance and Risk Management, Fitbit Charge 2 from Just Smile
    • Raelene Ruiz, Forensic Science Center, Starbucks gift card & gift bag from Mercado Women's Health
    • Kathleen Chavez, Sustainability and Conserv, Bath items gift basket from Assured Imaging
    • Jo Ann Chacon, Clerk of the Superior Court, Bag and T-Shirt from Tucson Orthopedic Institute
    • Kandi Karuza, Finance and Risk Management, Bag with candle and bird wind chime from Encompass Health

    Arizona 150 Mile Dash for Cash - May 2019

    $50 Corporate Rewards Gift Card

    Dusty Alexander, Information Technology
    Rosa Amerson, Superior Court
    Patricia Barolet, Justice Court
    Kimberly Challender, Recorder's Office
    Jeanie Churchwell, Juvenile Court
    Lisa Creager, Human Resources
    Christine Dykgraaf, County Free Library
    Sandra Espinoza, Emergency Management Homeland Security
    Daniel Ice, Development Services
    Kelly Johnson, Public Defense Services
    Michelle Madrigal, Juvenile Court
    Michelle Moore, Superior Court
    Terry Newman, Information Technology
    Marchelle Pappas, Human Resources
    Janet Quackenbush, County Free Library
    David Salazar, Regional Wastewater Reclamation
    Antonio Sigala, Superior Court
    Jessica Smith, Assessor's Office

    Seasonal Drawing - Spring 2019

    $50 Corporate Rewards Gift Card 

    Philip Calabrese, Regional Flood Control District
    Gary Fennema, Office of Medical Services
    Gary Hawco, Sheriff's Office
    Marie Nordaby, Justice Court
    Terri Powelson, Regional Wastewater Reclamation
    Erika Ramirez, Health Department
    Rick Stewart, Finance and Risk Management
    Kabee Wells, Sheriff's Office
    Sharon Zaher, Information Technology

    $100 Corporate Rewards Gift Card

    Kassandra Baltazar, Health Department
    Melissa Cuen, Sheriff's Department
    Ricardo Munoz, Health Department
    Phyllis Ravago, Grants Management and Innovation
    Gary Reichold, Juvenile Court
    Katherine Szczygiel, Finance and Risk Management
    Theresa Sexton, Public Defense Services
    Florina Teran, Sheriff's Department
    David Tribble, Finance and Risk Management
    Spencer Van Ort, Public Defense Services

    Fill It Up Hydration Challenge - June 1, 2019 - July 31, 2019


    $50 Corporate Rewards Gift Card

    Maria Acedo, Assessor
    David Badger, Regional Wastewater Reclamation
    Mary Couture, Facilities Management
    Pamela Franklin, Recorder
    Susette Harris, Health Department
    Mahmoud Hourani, County Attorney
    Susan Johnson, County Free Library
    Danny Lesandrini County Attorney
    Alecio O'Day, Transportation
    Louis Orduna, Regional Wastewater Reclamation
    Raquel Oregon, Superior Court
    Clarisa Rosales-Logue, Transportation
    Linda Sagarnaga, Regional Flood Control District
    Michelle Sigler, Regional Wastewater Reclamation
    Sean White, Information Technology

    $75 Corporate Rewards Gift Card

    Linda Coon, Information Technology
    Ana Escalante, Superior Court
    Robin Freiman, Development Services
    Judy Moses, County Free Library
    Martha Ramirez, Superior Court
    Jessica Reyes,  Juvenile Court
    Elma Shaffer, County Free Library
    Veronica Zuniga, Finance and Risk Management

    $100 Corporate Rewards Gift Card

    Nancy Fitzpatrick, Regional Wastewater Reclamation
    Daniela Gallegos,  Regional Wastewater Reclamation
    Dylan Imoehl, County Attorney
    Alex Lyon, County Free Library
    Aaron Mergenthal, Public Works Administration

    About Us

    Pima County Employee Wellness provides quality programs and activities to encourage and support healthy, active lifestyles. The Employee Wellness Program emphasizes the importance of education, awareness, self-care, and behavioral change programs to enhance overall well-being.


    The overall goal of the County’s Wellness Program is to help control increases in medical costs and improve quality of life.


    Provide education and resources to help employees identify and reduce health risks before serious health problems occur.

    Provide special follow-up and assistance to employees identified at highest risk for preventable illnesses and excessive medical costs.
    When health problems do exist, help employees better manage their condition and use.

    Principles & Values

    Pima County Employee Wellness:
    Embraces small steps which eventually lead to big change.
    Acknowledges personal responsibility.
    Builds on existing resources and best practices. Recognizes, reinforces, and rewards healthy behaviors. Recognizes the importance of the physical and social environment and their influencing factors.
    Embraces movement towards well-being along a wellness continuum.
    Provides cues to action and seeks to influence attitudes and beliefs to spur behavior change.

    Focus Areas

    Based on needs, program goals, and best practices, Employee Wellness has identified the following focus areas:

    Be Active, Eat Smart, Improve Your Mental Health, Learn More, Live Well, Practice Prevention and Watch Your Weight.

    Award-Winning Program

    awardWell Workplace Gold Award in recognition of outstanding achievement in Health Promotions by the Wellness Council of Arizona.

    award3Work-site Health Promotion in recognition of Process, Progress & Leadership by the Wellness Council of Arizona and National Partnership for Wellness.

    (From Left to right: Gayl Hayes, HR Divison Manager; Jennifer Billa, Wellness Program Manager; Barbara Hicks, HR Tech II; Allyn Bulzomi, HR Director)

    Gold AchievementSince 2008, the American Heart Association has recognized Pima County's Employee Wellness program as a champion of health for employees by creating physical activity programs within the workplace.

    Official Gold Seal of Good Health KeepingOfficial Seal of Good Health Keeping in recognition of an established relationship between the wellness incentive program and health plan engagement. Awarded by the Wellness Council of Arizona and National Partnership for Wellness.

    2015 Employee Wellness Accomplishments
    2018 Wellness Council of Arizona Awards            

    HAWP Award LogoHealthy Arizona Worksites recognizes businesses that are making efforts to positively affect the health and well-being of their employees, their families, and their community through evidence-based worksite health initiatives and promising programs.

    2018 Healthy Arizona Worksite Copper award

    What People Are Saying

    "Just knowing that the County Wellness department tries to help us control our weight and health really helps. Thanks for being there!”

    “Makes me accountable and not just to myself. I feel like I am working towards a goal with others. Thank you for this positive program.”

    “This program & others definitely keeps me motivated to exercise, eat properly, possibly lose weight, and gain reward gifts at the same time. Thanks.”

    Wellness Action Committee (WAC)

    In order to best serve the needs of the entire Pima County employee population, a minimum of one representative is needed from each Hi-Org. Hi-Orgs with multiple worksite locations/divisions, should have a representative for each of the larger areas. Details of duties for each member are outlines below.

    Communication and leadership within each department is necessary for the growth and impact of the Employee Wellness program. As has been nationally demonstrated and documented, a strong, active committee is needed to represent the needs of all employees and to bring more widespread outreach. In order to make a meaningful and ultimately positive financial impact, a higher percentage of employees must be involved in various aspects of the program.

    For more information visit the Wellness Action Committee webpage.

    Wellness Program Manager

    Erin MartsErin Higdon is the new Wellness Program Manager for Pima County. She is a native Tucsonan and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health from the University of Arizona. Erin developed a passion for employee wellness after completing a semester long internship for her undergraduate study at Pima County in the Human Resources Employee Wellness department. Since then she has been busy developing her skills and increasing her experience in the field of employee health and wellness. Erin is excited to have come full circle, back to Pima County Wellness.

    In her spare time, Erin enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys dancing to Country music, cooking and game night. Erin lives with her husband and his two young children. During the minor league football season you can catch Erin either helping out or cheering on her local football team, Tucson Thunder.

    Erin believes education, communication and support are the keys to success when it comes to a successful employee wellness program. One of Erin’s greatest joys about working in the field of employee health and wellness is the success stories that come from the employees who have participated in employee wellness activities and programs. As the Wellness Program Manager, Erin believes that getting to know her population makes wellness programs more fun and enjoyable, so make sure to say “hi” next time you see her and know that she’s always there to help! She looks forward to working with Pima County employees and helping their health and wellness goals.
    By participating in any Employee Wellness Programs you are agreeing that:

    You are in reasonably good health and have no conditions that would prevent or hinder you from safely participating in the activity. Pima County and affiliates disclaim any liability for any costs, claims, injuries, actions, or damage suffered by you, no matter what your relationship, as a result of participation in the activity. Participation in all activities is strictly voluntary, and any injuries suffered in conjunction shall not be subject to reimbursement under any workers compensation law or any other applicable law.

    Any gift cards distributed to employees are considered taxable income and will be reported on the employee's next paycheck.

    Please review the Notice Regarding Employee Wellness Program.
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    Employee Wellness

    150 W. Congress St.
    Tucson, AZ 85701

    Phone: (520) 724-2792
    Fax: (520) 724-8150

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    Department Directory

    Pima County provides equal access and equal opportunity in employment and services and does not discriminate.

    Pima County Attorney’s Office Equal Employment Opportunity Plan

    Pima County Sheriff’s Department Equal Employment Opportunity Plan

    Pima County Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (EEOP)