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2018/2019 Sources of Funds and Uses of Tax Dollars

Sources of Funds and Uses of Tax Dollars

Where Do Your Tax Dollars Go?

Only a portion of your tax dollars goes to fund the operations of the County. By statute, the County is required each year to collect property taxes for the various jurisdictions in Pima County that are authorized to levy such taxes. Approximately $1.29 billion in property taxes were levied by all jurisdictions throughout the county for fiscal year 2018/19. Only $465 million, or nearly 36 percent, of the $1.29 billion, will be collected for the County's General Fund operations and Debt Service requirements, along with funding operations for the County's Library District and Flood Control District. The remaining $825 million in property taxes will fund the operating and debt service requirements for the school districts, Pima College, cities and towns, fire districts, and other improvement districts located throughout the county. These jurisdictions have their own governing boards that represent residents located within their boundaries.

Share of Property Tax Levy

  Fiscal Year 2018/19 Property Tax Levy Dollars Levied
1 County General Fund $339,156,105
 2  County Transportation Property Road Tax $0
3 County Debt Service $57,503,861
4 County Library District $42,944,550
5 County Flood Control District $25,266,454
6 Pima College $116,532,824
7 School Districts $550,115,520
8 Cities and Towns $50,649,469
9 Fire Districts $91,147,115
10 Water and Irrigation Districts $14,053,709
11 County Improvement Districts (Other) $232,052
12 Municipal Improvement Districts (Other) $2,012,665
13 Health Districts (Other) $107,290
Total $1,289,721,614