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Building 108 - Equipment Storage Shed


Building 108 - Equipment Storage Shed, before rehabilitationThis building was constructed in the approximate former location of a large barn that is visible on a 1936 aerial photograph of the property. The barn burned down in 1937. This shed may have been built in the early 1940s and was definitely in place by 1947, according to Ms. Manning-Catron. It was used to shelter such equipment as a bulldozer, trucks, and a manure wagon. This long, rectangular-plan building has a gabled, corrugated-metal-clad roof on exposed rafters stabilized by collar beams. The roof is attached to three parallel rows of 6-by-6 wood posts set on concrete bases and braced by diagonal members. The shed is open except where it is partially enclosed on the upper half of the south and west façades by corrugated metal siding.

Building 108 - Equipment Storage Shed, after rehabilitationFunction per 2007 Master Plan

The rehabilitation of the building occurred between 2007 and 2008. The rehabilitation work on this building has included replacement of the corrugated-metal roof, replacement of the concrete bases of the support posts, and other stabilization work. The rehabilitated structure will continue to serve its historical function as a shelter for ranching equipment.