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Building 106 - Employee's Residence


Building 106 - Employee's Residence, before rehabilitationThis modest Spanish Colonial Revival style structure is possibly the newest structure to have been built in the ranch headquarters area, and likely dates to the1940s. Its design appears to be an attempt to blend the Anglo-styled residences to the north, with the older Hispanic-styled buildings to the south. Walls are eleven-feet high walls made from 12-inch adobe, with a flat roof draining to canales. A covered porch was later enclosed with a glass windows and a door.

The 1,124 sq ft interior is wood-framed, and covered in metal lath and plaster. The flooring is linoleum over concrete. It was a small yet relatively comfortable house, with a bathroom and electric cloths washer.

When Canoa Ranch came under county-ownership in 1997, this residence was in a state of partial collapse. Since then, efforts have concentrated on repairing exterior damage, and making the building structurally sound.

  • Excerpt from Poster Frost's Canoa Ranch Master Plan Background Report (April 2006)

Function per 2007 Master Plan

Building 106 - Employee's Residence, after rehabilitationThe rehabilitation of the building occurred in 2007 with continued efforts in 2012. The rehabilitated building will be used as a story center with two principle functions. The first is to initiate visitors in what life was like at Canoa Ranch. This will be done through audio-visual recordings taken from those who actually lived on the ranch. The second is to be able to record more experiences from those connected with Canoa’s rich past.  A recording area will be available to preserve those memories, and store the necessary equipment.

Excerpt from the Canoa Ranch Master Plan Final Report, Poster Frost Associates, 2007:

"Visitors will enter the Heritage Area through the Story Center, an interactive space dedicated to documenting and sharing the stories of Canoa. Similar to National Public Radio’s oral history project, StoryCorp, the Center will record the history of Canoa through audio and video documentaries that will help preserve the multiple stories present at Canoa Ranch. The location of the Story Center, immediately adjacent to the pedestrian trail linking the Orientation Center with the Heritage Area, will help control and direct visitation."