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Building 105 - Employee's Cottage


Building 105 - Employee's Cottage, before rehabilitationConstructed between 1936 and 1954, this 1000 sq ft employee residence combines traditional adobe construction with mass-produced elements like roof trusses, and wood-framed windows and French doors. Like many of the ranches’ vernacular buildings, this one has a metal corrugated roof.

Essentially four rooms arranged in a linear layout, it also has a bathroom and shower. The east-facing entry porch provides ample shade. The ceilings are board-and-batten, walls are plastered, and the floors are finished colored concrete.

  • Excerpt from Poster Frost's Canoa Ranch Master Plan Background Report (April 2006)

Building 105 - Employee's Cottage, after rehabilitationFunction per 2007 Master Plan

The rehabilitation of the building occurred in 2006, which now serves as the interim Staff Field Office for use by Canoa’s Park Manager and his staff. Eventually, it is planned that the house will be used by a full-time caretaker.

Excerpt from the Canoa Ranch Master Plan Final Report, Poster Frost Associates, 2007:

"This 1,100 square foot building was used as a working bunkhouse. The plan is comprised of three main chambers and an attached bathroom and porch. Constructed between 1948 and 1955, it is the newest structure on the ranch and the only structure on site built from fired adobe. It is located away from the other residential structures and its principal façade faces east, possibly to allow visual surveillance of the nearby corrals. It will be used by the trail ride operator as an office and possible residence."