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Building 103 - Guest House


Building 103 - Guest House, before rehabilitationBuilt prior to 1925, this small adobe house contained a single room.  By 1948, the house had been upgraded as a guest house, with an interior bathroom added around 1952. With all the changes, the Guest House contains 850 sq ft of interior space.

Earliest photographs show the Guest House with a palapa covered in palm fronds on the east-facing side. Later, porches were added on the south and north sides, extending the shaded areas, and helping to cool interiors during summer heat.

The interior of two of the rooms are paneled and trimmed in solid walnut, including the floors and ceilings. The bathroom was modern for the time, and this has been carefully refurbished to reflect the period. Earlier wood framed windows were replaced with steel casement windows.

Ranch owner, Howell Manning Senior, used the Guest House as an office away from the house, which would have placed him a little closer to daily ranching operations.

  • Excerpt from Poster Frost's Canoa Ranch Master Plan Background Report (2006)

Function per the 2007 Master Plan

Building 103 - Volunteer/Docent Lounge, after rehabilitation The Guest House was rehabilitated in 2007, and has been designated for use as a Volunteer and Docent Lounge. This will serve as a gathering place for the volunteer program, and be a central location for volunteer operations and docent coordination.