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This page contains floodplain permitting resources for the public and licensed professionals, such as permit guidelines, construction details, historical aerial photography, and technical tools such as hydrologic and hydraulic modeling software.  This page is a new feature on our website and we welcome your feedback on how these resources are organized and about what information is presented in each tab.

General Resources

The following resources are applicable to a wide array of our customers.  If you don't find what you're looking for here, please check the other tabs.


Standard Construction Details for Structures and Other Site Improvements

The details provided below are standard details that may be used under certain circumstances. They are NOT appropriate for all situations and should not be used without consultation with, and usually a permit from, the District. Inappropriate use of the details could result in creating a hazard or causing harm.

Resources for Surveyors



The District has created a number of programs and calculation sheets to help standardize floodplain and erosion hazard analysis within Pima County.  Please visit the Software Page for a complete list of the software available.


Check out the listing below for various manuals currently available on-line. New manuals will be added as electronic versions become available.

Engineering Manuals

Guidance Manuals

Riparian Habitat Mitigation Guidelines