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  • Real Property Services Directory

    Neil Konigsberg, Real Property Services Manager

    Responsible for management of Real Property Services. Prepares and administers Real Property Services' budget.
    Contact: (520) 724-6582

    Administration Section:

    Lupe Fimbres, Special Staff Assistant
    Provides clerical support to Real Property Services.
    Contact: (520) 724-6633

    Celia Turner, Administrative Support Specialist
    Provides clerical support to Real Property Services.
    Contact: (520) 724-6311

    * Notary Public

    Acquisition and Relocation Section (520) 724-6313

    Negotiates property acquisition and provides relocation assistance in connection with County acquisitions. Prepares acquisition agreements and researches property ownership records.

    Jim Rossi, Real Property Services Supervisor
    Contact: (520) 724-6318

    Dana Hausman*, Real Property Acquisition Agent—Senior
    Contact: (520) 724-6713

    vacant, Special Projects
    Contact: (520) 724-6667

    Gena Cox-Dorman, Real Property Acquisition Agent - Senior
    Contact: (520) 724-6307

    * Notary Public

    Property Management Section (520) 724-6313

    Processes licenses for encroachments in rights-of-way, processes rights of entry, acquires sewer easements for Wastewater Management, processes abandonment's of county right-of-way. Coordinates management of county-owned parcels, and maintains property inventory records.

    Tim Murphy *, Real Property Services Supervisor
    Contact: (520) 724-6379

    Aaron Mergenthal *, Real Property Acquisition Agent - Senior
    Contact: (520) 724-6854

    Rita Leon *, Real Property Acquisition Agent - Senior
    Contact: (520) 724-6462

    Bob Beecher, Real Property Acquisition Agent
    Contact: (520) 724-6624

    * Notary Public

    Appraisal Section (520) 724-6313

    Jeff Teplitsky, Real Property Appraisal Supervisor
    Supervises all County real property appraisal activities.
    Contact: (520) 724-6306

    Jeff Swango, Real Property Appraiser--Senior
    Develops real property appraisals and budget projections.
    Contact: (520) 724-9089

    * Notary Public
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    Real Property Services

    Public Works Center
    201 N. Stone Avenue, 6th Flr.
    Tucson, AZ 85701

    Phone: (520) 724-6313
    Fax: (520) 724-6763

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