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  • Merit System Commission and Law Enforcement Merit System Council

    The purpose of the Merit System Commission / Law Enforcement Merit System Council is to serve on behalf of Pima County employees in appeal hearings relating to Pima County Merit System and Law Enforcement Merit System rules.  The members of the Pima County Merit Sysem Commission also serve as members of the Law Enforcement Merit System Council.  There are five electors from the county at large, appointed by the Board of Supervisors.  No more than three members shall be from the same political party.  The appointment term for Commission / Council members is four years.  The Commission / Council meets on an as needed basis and meeting times are determined by the Commission / Council.


    Meeting Agendas


             January - September

     January 7, 2019 Amended Agenda
     February 25, 2019 cancelled       
     April 8, 2019 Cancelled 
     April 15, 2019 LEMSR              
     April 23, 2019 Agenda
     May 13, 2019 Agenda   


                              October - December
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    Commission/Council Coordinator

    Donna Tobias
    Human Resources Dept.
    (520) 724-2728

    Location of Meetings

    Confirm meeting location on the corresponding agenda

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