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Canada del Oro Wash Alerts

This is the MyAlerts message page for Canada del Oro Wash. It contains information about the messages that will be sent to folks who have signed up for MyAlerts messages within the Canada del Oro Wash floodplain as well as relevant flood safety information.

For up-to-date emergency information, check the Twitter feeds for the
 Pima County Office of Emergency Management and the Pima County Sheriff.

NOTE: Weather is unpredictable, so floods are too. We will occasionally be wrong, but that does not mean that the safety messages should be ignored.  It is your responsibility to use sound judgment in and around flood waters.  Please read the Disclaimer tab below for a more detailed explanation.

Flood Alert Messages

Messages and What They Mean

The following messages are examples of what you can expect to receive when the District observes flow at the stream gage for this area. Actual messages may vary slightly depending on conditions. For each example message we provide the stream gage discharge at which the message is expected to be sent and an explanation of the purpose of the message and actions you should take when you receive that message.

Current stream flow data can be obtained on the ALERT page for Gage 1103 (Google Chrome recommended, may not work with Internet Explorer).
 Stream Flow  Message  Explanation
 875 cfs
(cubic feet
per second)
Flood water in Canada del Oro Wash is rising at Golder Ranch Road.  At grade road crossings likely impassable. Do not cross flooded roads. Use Golder Ranch Road. Visit http://webcms.pima.gov/government/transportation/road_closure_updates for updates. Be ready to take action if flooding continues to expand. At-grade crossings will be closed. Plan to travel on alternate routes. Flow may still be rising. Pay attention for future alerts and be prepared to take emergency action. Make sure your flood preparedness and evacuation supplies are handy.  Residents within the inundation areas should gather valuables in case of evacuation. 
 5,200 cfs Flooded homes possible as Canada del Oro Wash flooding is expanding. Do not cross flooded roads. If emergency responders are present, follow their instructions. Be prepared to evacuate or shelter in place. If you are experiencing flooding and feel like you are in danger call 911. Flood waters continue to rise and are expected out of banks. Home flooding possible north of Cloud Nine Dr. and south of Rollins Rd. Pima Pistol Club and Spirit Dog Ranch likely affected, with people possibly trapped on east side of the wash.Be prepared to protect your home from flooding and either shelter-in-place or evacuate before roads become impassable. Evacuation likely unsafe for some properties, so shelter in place.
17,500 cfs Flooding on Canada del Oro Wash now at historic levels. Home flooding likely north of Cloud Nine Dr. and south of Rollins Rd. Homes are expected to flood at this level. For those east of the wash, seek high ground to the east. Take valuables and emergency supplies with you.

Flood Safety

Flood waters on Canada del Oro Wash can arrive quickly, with little warning. So it is extremely important that you plan ahead and take appropriate safety precautions. General flood safety information and ideas can be found on our Be Flood Safe web page.

Specific Flood Safety Information For Canada del Oro Wash

Flow breaks out of the primary channel near Golder Ranch Road at around 1500-2000 cfs.

Overton Road is a dip crossing where the Canada del Oro crosses it.  It can experience significant flows due to rainfall far up in the watershed.  The road is frequently closed due to flow across the road.


NOTE:  The alerts provided err on the side of caution. It is possible that you may receive a warning and the events described do not occur. This is, in part, because floods in Pima County can develop so quickly that we have to anticipate possible events early in order to give the public reasonable time to react to the potential threat. In addition, there are many factors that affect the extent of flooding that are unpredictable. Flood damage may be lower or higher than what we expect. The District strives to provide the best possible information based upon the best available data and is not liable for errors. No message can guarantee your safety.

We will occasionally be wrong, but that does not mean that the safety messages should be ignored.  It is your responsibility to use sound judgment in and around flood waters.