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Urban Open Space Park

Jun 13, 2013 | Read More News
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This new innovative park is centrally located on 36th Street and Kino Blvd. and leads itself to bird watching, nature hikes, family outings, and many other wonderful outdoor opportunities for the residents of Pima County; all from a convenient and centralized location. This park was purchased using voter approved bond funds in 2011 by Pima County for the price of $750,376.00. This centrally located property consists on 20 acres with lush vegetation, wild animals such as coyotes, and even a bobcat family. The Tucson Audubon Society lists this centralized property as a pivotal spot for many migratory bird species. The utilization of open space is not a new idea, however the location and the urban aspect of this park makes it a one of a kind idea within Pima County.

Urban Open Space Park 36th Street and Kino Blvd

On May 31, 2012 residents from Western Hills, Pueblo Gardens, and South Park neighborhoods gathered with Supervisor Valadez and representatives from our Natural Resources Parks and Recreation Department (NRPR) to discuss the new Urban Open Space Park Located on Kino Blvd. and 36th Street. Items discussed at this meeting were possible amenities which the neighborhood desired as well as the different phases of the park construction.

Phase 1-Began June 18th and consists of NRPR picking up and removal of trash and other debris located on site. Vegetation mitigation and clearing will also begin. It is essential to clear brush and other non-native species in order to maintain our native plant population. Phase one also consists of post cable perimeter security fencing, to eliminate vehicular access to the property.

Phase 2- Contained in the recently adopted budget, the Pima County Board of Supervisors allocated $50,000.00 to this open space park. These funds will help establish the park and open it for use by the community. These funds will be used to establish the trail paths within the park with a stabilized gravel walkway. Also a small gravel parking lot, a couple of picnic tables as well as some security lighting can be included.

Phase 3-This final phase will consist of ramadas, a restroom facility, a paved parking lot, and a concrete surface trail, as well as more lighting options and other community amenities. This final phase will take place in the future over time as more funds are secured.

Overall, this project is an exciting opportunity for Pima County, especially for the surrounding neighborhoods. It is our hope that this park will be utilized by the neighbors and all other Pima County Residents for many years to come. Once more we hope this park will provide a safe environment that not only protects our natural habitats for our education and enjoyment but preserves them for our future generations.