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Barrio Centro Solar Street Lights

Apr 21, 2012 | Read More News
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Written by Jennifer Eckstrom

Barrio Centro Solar Street LightsIn March, Supervisor Ramón Valadez, City of Tucson officials as well as many neighbors joined together to dedicate the region’s FIRST ALL SOLAR residential street light project in the Barrio Centro neighborhood.

The most visible part of the project was the installation of 43 solar-powered street lights along four corridors heavily utilized by residents in the neighborhood.  It also includes a water harvesting runoff and collection system for natural irrigation purposes, and community artwork.  This project was thought up and driven by a colaborative effort by the neighborhood. These enhancements helped to address much-needed safety concerns for the youth, families, and elderly populations of this area, which experiences heavy automobile traffic due to its close proximity to the major access routes of Aviation Parkway and 22nd Street.

Having safe streets is important to the people of Barrio Centro, and the type of improvements that were made effectively mitigate such apprehensions associated with poorly lit and heavily-traveled streets. One of the goals of the project was to encourage individuals and families to get out more and make better use of their community’s natural resources. The major benefit to neighbors is one of an overall well-being and health as well as a stronger sense of safety and confidence to interact in their surroundings and look out for one another.

Funding for this project was provided by the Pima County Neighborhood Reinvestment Program in the amount of $463,690.

Barrio Centro - Neighborhood Reinvestment Improvements