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  • Healthy Lifestyle Premium Discounts

    Program: Healthy Lifestyle Premium Discount Program
    Description: The Healthy Lifestyle Program is designed to provide the tools and services you need to engage, develop and sustain healthy behaviors to improve your overall quality of life.

    Employee Wellness wants to reward you for making healthy choices like being tobacco-free, participating in healthy lifestyle programs, events & activities or completing preventive exams/screenings.
    • Discount #1 - Be Tobacco Free - $20 per pay period
    • Discount #2 - Earn up to 150 Healthy Lifestyle Activity Points
      • Level 1 - 50 points: $5 total per pay period
      • Level 2 - 100 points: $10 total per period
      • Level 3 - 150+ points: $15 total per pay period
    Healthy Lifestyle Program Registration will add you to an email distribution list that will send you important information including:
    • Promotion of upcoming health screening events (Mobile-Onsite-Mammography, flu shot clinics, etc...)
    • Pre-registration into upcoming wellness programs and events
    • Information on how to be a smart healthcare consumer
    • Progress toward eligibility of future Healthy Lifestyle Premium Discounts
    • Resources for quitting tobacco
    • And much more...
    Who can participate? All employees covered under the Pima County medical plan.
    Reporting Periods:
    • Discount #1: certify during Spring Annual Enrollment each year
    • Discount #2: March 1st - February 28th each year
    Distribution Period: July 1st - June 30th each year
    How to view progress:

     Coming Soon

    Discount #1 - Be Tobacco Free

    To be eligible for Discount #1 you need to certify your tobacco free status during Annual Enrollment. Discounts will be awarded

    July 1st - June 30th.

    Tobacco free is defined as being tobacco free for at least the past three months. Tobacco use includes cigars, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco, electronic cigarettes or any other tobacco product. You will be asked to certify your tobacco free status once per year during annual enrollment.

    Discount #2 - Earn up to 150 Healthy Lifestyle Activity Points

    To be eligible for Discount #2 you need to earn up to 150 points between March 1st - February 28th each year. Discounts will be awarded July 1st - June 30th.

    To earn points toward this discount, please see the menu of wellness program options available for you to participate in throughout the year by visiting the Healthy Lifestyle Activity Point webpage (coming soon).

    Enhanced Healthy Lifestyle Premium Discount Program Workshops & Webinar

    Pima County will continue to reward employees for making smart, healthy decisions, but starting March 2019, the way employees will earn the discounts will change. Learn more about these changes by attending a workshop near you or a webinar. Click here for the schedule of workshops & webinars.
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