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  • Advantages of Using Autodesk MapGuide

    Ready to try MapGuide?

    See MapGuide Maps

    The online Roadway System Map is in Adobe PDF format and displays exactly what you see in the printed map. We think that using our Autodesk MapGuide map is a better solution for the Internet. Here's why:

    • MapGuide map information is more up-to-date, especially the roads which are updated as often as daily.
    • MapGuide presents a seamless map of the entire county. There are no gaps or missing townships. You can pan and zoom anywhere in the county. There are no "pages" or tiles, but township and/or section boundaries are available if you want to see them.
    • More data layers are available using MapGuide. In particular, the "Parcels - Pima" layer shows every parcel. There are many other layers available that are not in the Roadway System Map.
    • Even though more information is available, the MapGuide view is generally less cluttered because you can turn on only those data layers you need to see.
    • Since you can zoom to the smallest area, all streets are identified by name. The Roadway System Map uses numbers and a lookup table for congested streets.
    • MapGuide maps are "live". You can identify most features by simply moving the mouse over them. Some layers allow you to double-click on features to "drill-down" to even more information. For instance, parcels are linked to tax data and subdivisions are linked to scanned subdivision plat maps.
    • MapGuide is generally faster. It downloads just the specific information you want to see.
    • MapGuide lets you print the current view. This means that you can make your own custom maps with exactly the map area and features you need.
    • MapGuide's powerful "Zoom Goto" feature lets you zoom directly to addresses and other features of interest by name.
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