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    School Curriculums

    The University of Arizona Institute of the Environment

    The UA offers nearly 500 courses on environmental studies and sustainability that address the most timely environmental issues.  Many courses provide opportunities for field research, giving students hands-on experience.

    Pima Community College Solar Installer Program

    The Solar Installer Certificate courses offered through Pima Community College are designed for individuals with building trades experience to learn the skills necessary to become a successful Solar Installer.  The program provides Photovoltaic Installer preparation training for the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Photovoltaic Installer Certification exam and the Photovoltaic Installer Advanced Certification exam.  Complete this program by taking a combination of day, evening and weekend classes. 

    National Renewable Energy Lab

    The National Renewable Energy Lab’s (NREL) Education Programs capture student interest and promote science, mathematics, and technology through renewable energy education.  Students engaged in science and engineering activities will have education and career opportunities in these disciplines later in life. 

    Environmental Education Exchange

    The Exchange was founded in the spring of 1991 in response to the growing demand for environmental education programs in schools K-12 nationwide.   There are a variety of programs the organization has developed and is working on to promote solar energy education. 

    TEP Bright Students: The Conservation Generation

    Bright Students  is an interactive program that teachers can use to help teach students about solar energy and energy efficiency. The program is a three-part energy education program for middle school students with lessons that include The Importance of the Sun, Photovoltaic Solar Energy, and Passive Solar Design.

    Powering Our Future

     Powering Our Future  offers teachers a rich collection of interactive learning experiences that can help prepare students to address energy issues throughout their lives. The three modules (one for grades 4 to 6, one for 6 to 8, and one for High School) were developed with input from 70 classroom and district educators. The lessons address Arizona Department of Education academic standards in science and social studies as well as mathematics and language arts.

    TEP / TUSD Tucson Solar Schools

    Tucson Solar Schools is a great resource for middle school teachers. The program website contains lesson plans and resources specially prepared for the middle school audience that teachers can tap into when teaching about solar energy and energy efficiency.

    Community Resources

    Southern Arizona Regional Solar PartnershipPAG Logo

    The Southern Arizona Regional Solar Partnership is a cooperative effort to focus attention on southern Arizona's natural opportunities for putting solar power to work. It seeks to encourage the expansion of solar-based systems to reduce our reliance on sources of energy that generate greenhouse gases by identifying the benefits of using solar and educating others about solar opportunities to support our solar economy. See recent Solar Partnership meeting presentations. 

    Solar Guild Tucson

    The Solar Guild is a non-profit group made up of students, professionals, educators and community members interested in all forms of solar energy.  The group helps others learn about solar by hosting free events and workshops including recent weekend workshops at Biosphere 2.  These solar enthusiasts work together to create dialogue among community members and fund community projects.

    Pima County Solar House

    With 350 days of sunshine a year, Pima County promotes the use of solar technologies in our region.  Visit the Solar House to learn more about energy efficiency tips and incorporating solar energy into your home. 

    Other Resources

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